Portrait Editing Part II: Wacom Tablet & Clean Up

Part II:

Picking up right where we left off after Part I, I wanted to dive into a few things in this video. First, I wanted to address my setup for how I go about editing, namely my use of a Wacom tablet to make editing feel more organic and my workflow easier. I talk a bit about my settings and why I have them the way I do for speed and ease, and then we jump into the basics of photo editing: cleaning up an image.

Now, the first thing you have to realize is that no image can really be saved in Photoshop. They can be fixed to an extent or brought to another level, but starting with great light, a great subject, and a great photograph is really step one and the most important step in my opinion. From there we tackled RAW conversion last week, and now we’re jumping into my first steps in Photoshop.

For clean up, I typically have two separate layers (and yes, ALWAY work in layers) and I work these two things first before I jump into any other editing. I do this because if I change tones early on in the image and then make edits over the top of those tone layers, then they are truly set in stone. If I go back and adjust those tonal layers later on, my edited layers aren’t going to change with them and the difference between those two layers will stand out immensely. So, always make your clean up layers first. I tend to have a layer for the Background and a layer for the Subject. All I’m doing here is getting rid of distractions and small imperfections using 3 main tools: The Healing Brush, the Spot Healing Tool, and the Clone Stamp. Each has their place and purpose and I know that the most ideal thing would be to only work the Clone Stamp, but Photoshop has done a pretty damn good job at building these two other tools and they make my life a whole hell of a lot easier, so I’m going to use them!

Hopefully this gives y’all some more insight into how I go about creating an image from start to finish. Next week we’re going to get into the heart of what I do in Post Production, and that’s Dodging and Burning, so be sure to subscribe to my channels and be the first to know when Part II is up and ready to go!

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