Sterling Ridge Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine

A few months ago I was contacted by a marketing firm working with a great group of local doctors and surgeons. They were in the midst of redesigning and relaunching their new brand and website and needed some updated photos of the doctors and trainers as well as some interactions shots around the clinic. Having trained for the Ironman with a few of the doctors, I was delighted to have gotten selected and stoked to get involved in the project and help them craft their new image and brand.

The initial outline was simple: A few head shots of the doctors, a group shot, and a couple of photos around the clinic. But, as things normally do when a bunch of creative and excited people get into a room, the project quickly expanded and encompassed some really exciting ideas for the Sterling Ridge Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine (SROSM) group. We decided to shoot some more stylized head shots of the docs and therapists against a simple white background, lighting them from behind with two soft boxes with grids and one over head light directly above the camera. It was very similar to the lighting style we had been using on some of our recent Everyday Triathlete shoots (another project that I’ll be introducing on the blog here shortly!). Next, we went over to the clinic and took some shots with the doctors and therapists interacting with patients as well as some shots of their awesome new Alter-G treadmills. But, the coolest part of their new marketing and where we really got to have some fun, was their idea for showing who they really are as physicians: athletes treating and training athletes.






While we shot, we utilized a new tool for tethering on the go that we had looked at hard this Spring during the WPPI conference in Las Vegas. The CamRanger. This awesome little device plugs into the camera and, synced with the CamRanger App, allowed us to work with the marketing agency – 30 Degrees North – to look at the images on a larger screen, tag as favorites, and show them what we were shooting for on-the-fly feedback. I’ll be going more into depth on what we think and how we use this awesome piece of equipment more in a later blog.




Coined as their “Docs in Action” shoots were awesome and we got to shoot them running, biking, and swimming and even got to work with Ironman Asia-Pacific 70.3 Champion Christian “Kempy” Kemp. We photographed Dr. Johnson on the bike with Kempy, their therapist Emily in the water, and Dr. Flowers in the water and running. We’re hoping to get a few more out for some shots Golfing and participating in the other sports they’re active in, and have been waiting for the heat to pass before jumping back into it.





The entire experience and working with such a great group of people at SROSM and with 30 Degrees North made for a great couple of days of shooting and everybody came away pleased with the results. The new SROSM website is up and running and we’re stoked that the photos set a theme for their rebranding. Check out the whole site by following the link and if you live in the Woodlands, I would definitely suggest this group for all of your sports and orthopaedic injury needs!

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  1. January 13th, 2015

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