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In recent Inspiration posts, I’ve featured different people and photographers I aspire and look up to as well as some different information sources that I truly enjoy. This week, I wanted to feature a piece of work that has been something I have watched countless times over the past year, I have referenced before almost every major shoot, and have basically aspired to create work on par with it’s amazing caliber. Of course, I’m referring to The Art of Flight – an epic movie based on the amazing direction and cinematography from Brain Farm [read: cinema-genious] and Scott Serfas; and the ridiculous snowboarding and creative skills of Travis Rice [read: total snowboarding badass]. This movie has blown my mind countless times and – I’m sure – will continue to do so for years to come.


Photograph by Scott Serfas pulled from Transworld Website. Visit the site to view more from the Art of Flight gallery.

Every snowboarding move created before or after this movie will always be held up next to these standards and I’m not sure if there is another that will match up until these two meet again. In that sense, the cinematography, direction, photography, story, and soundtrack is something that not only photo- and cine-nerds can appreciate, but athletes and any film fan can appreciate it as well.


Best part, these guys are awesome and you can watch this movie on Netflix and for only 1.99 on YouTube! So, sit down, spend an 1:20 on this movie, and thank me later! Inspiration abounds and I’m sure this is a movie that I will continue to shout out for years to come.

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  1. December 5th, 2013

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