Crossfit Town Center


I have always been impressed amazed blown-away-by stunned by the capabilities, dedication, and overall breathtaking accomplishments shown by Crossfit athletes. So, when I had the vision for this shoot and sat down to talk with Luke Mintaz at Crossfit Town Center in The Woodlands, I had a vision and was absolutely stoked that Luke shared my passion for photography.



From the moment we first sat down it was a perfect collaboration and we were able to come up with a style and shoot list that captured the grittiness and determination that fits Crossfit. The style, coupled with the interesting, unorthodox, and original movements that define what the sport and mindset of Crossfit is – outside the box – made this shoot a winner from the beginning.






While I began to further define what we wanted to shoot, how we wanted to light, and how I wanted to post-produce the photos, Luke was amazing at finding some local athletes to work as models for us for the day. And, it could not have been more fun! We shot for much longer than originally planned, and, for once, I wasn’t the one pushing the shoot! Luke, the models, and the photographers (us) were so pumped with how the photos were looking and how the models were learning to interact with the camera, that we had to keep going and keep pushing.




The results… well… we couldn’t be happier and the Behind The Scenes stuff we captured was like nothing we’ve ever done before. I can’t wait to share more of that in a video along with some more description on how I went about lighting and shooting each of these movements along with some BTS photos and lighting diagrams to give out a true BTS look at this project. I hope y’all enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed taking them, and don’t forget to check back soon for the BTS video and shots to round out this awesome weekend!




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  1. November 7th, 2013

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